14 Sep 2018 - DBKO-BR shutdown

on the 1st October server DBKO-BR will shutdown,
next DBKO edition will have proxy build on account maker for latin players. It looks like people want to play on 1 server. So this is what we want to do on next edition.

We don't know when and if DBKO-BR will comeback as it was.

PS. tommorow exp will be x2
Have fun, Support

29 Aug 2018 - DBKO discord

7 Aug 2018 - New payment option!

You can now buy points via Paygol!

11 Jul 2018 - DBKO BR

DBKO Brasil

We decided to start another server like many of you always wanted.
We know playing on high ping is difficult so now you have a chance to play on original DBKO where server is located in America!

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